“Children see magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore


Childhood. A magical time in our lives where we know no bounds when it comes to freedom. A time when we’re not shackled by responsibilities; when we can let our imagination run wild and free.

We are superheroes; warriors who have defeated the strongest monsters. We are doctors and fighters; teachers and astronauts; bakers and candy shop owners. We are limitless. Powerful and unstoppable.

No one can catch us; no one can beat us, and no one can defeat us.


Do you remember the time you would play tag with your friends or build sandcastles on the beach? Back when you were a child, you felt like the world was underneath your feet. And it was!


Every child deserves to have a brilliant and magical childhood. Every child deserves to explore, discover, and recreate the world in their own way. And what better way to help your little one become more independent than to let them play outside?


Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should:


Play Hide and Seek

It’s the oldest trick in the book! Get children into outdoor activities by playing hide and seek. Some kids love adventures and surprises, and this game has both. They use their senses to win the game, which also makes it a learning activity.

The game involves selecting a seeker or “It” to find others hidden from them. Whoever they catch first becomes the seeker. You can go to a nearby playground, park, or backyard to play hide and seek with your little one.


Bike Riding

Cycling brings a sense of freedom and independence. As you push the pedal, you leave your worries hanging in the air and move forward to enjoy what’s before you. Have you experienced such an exhilarating feeling?  If you have, then surely your child will enjoy it too. But before you let them ride a bike on their own, teach them first about safety rules and the importance of protective gear. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Bike riding improves balance, gross motor skills, and coordination in your child. So, let your child have their own “biker gang”!



Another ride-on toy for teaching balance and coordination is a skateboard. Skateboarding is a refreshing outdoor sport to cheer up a child. It is known to boost confidence and increase attentiveness. When they try different stances and movements, their mind becomes more aware, and they become more resilient with every fall or setback. Just ask Carly and Charly on how to make your child’s day more purrfect with skateboarding!


Blow some Bubbles

Sorry to pop your bubble…or maybe that’s exactly what you should do!


It is the simplest outdoor activity you can do with your child. Bubbles are the most beautiful creation, all in their fragility. Children love holding a bubble wand and blowing bubbles in the summer. You can make a DIY soap mixture at home and buy some wands from the store to start a bubble-blowing party. Imagine your toddler running around in the park, blowing bubbles everywhere.

Isn’t that adora-bubble?


A Picnic at Your Local Park

This is a fusion of all the outdoor activities mentioned above. A small nearby picnic is the perfect outdoor activity for children to explore their surroundings. Pack sandwiches, snacks, and a blanket to make the adventure unforgettable! Ask your toddler to help you prepare the snacks.

And let’s not forget some Frisbee fun! You can play volleyball and soccer too.


To Sum Up!

Outdoor activities are essential to fire up your child’s imagination and creativity. It can be as simple as blowing bubbles or as adventurous as riding a skateboard in the park. To instill all these qualities in your child, check out Let’s Go Skateboarding from the Adventures of Carly and Charly Series. It is a fun and exciting read about the feline pals on their skateboarding adventures.