About the Authors

Meet Carly and Charly, two inseparable twins who embarked on their journey as shelter cats, sharing a humble beginning. Fortunately, they’ve now found their purrfect forever home, where they’re ready to take you on a series of heartwarming adventures. Their mission is to expand the idea of what’s possible, infusing every page with a delightful blend of fun and adventure. After all, they are cats, and they know how to bring joy into every story.

Carly and Charly’s spirits are forever brimming with optimism, having triumphed over their challenging start in life. With an unbreakable bond, they face any obstacle that comes their way, spreading their message of love and hope far and wide. These charming feline authors would be absolutely delighted if you joined them on this remarkable journey. While they’ll never forget their origins, they are also committed to giving back, and in gratitude for their fortunate turn of fate, they’re sharing their success by allocating their resources to the Humane Society. Welcome to their enchanting world, where every adventure is a lesson in love, resilience, and togetherness.