Outdoor games are more than just a source of physical activity. They allow kids to socialize, explore their environment, understand and train their bodies, and engage in team games. School-going children need at least three hours of outdoor activities daily. This may seem a lot, considering busy schedules and, obviously, their access to technology (smartphones and the internet). No one wants to play outside anymore. But outdoor games are something parents should prioritize for their child’s growth and development.

Outdoor games are highly beneficial and positively impact children’s physical and mental development, social skills, intelligence, and creativity. They also boost physical strength, weight, and immunity.

Here are some physical, social, and emotional attributes of outdoor games:

Physical Benefits

Improved Motor Skills

Outdoor games help develop advanced motor skills such as balance, flexibility, and coordination. Kids who engage in outdoor games move in ways that challenge and stretch their muscles, leasing to muscle memory. Outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, parks, and backyards give kids ample space to walk, run, swing, play, climb, and even ride bicycles.

By playing outside, kids are not only able to strengthen their bodies but also boost their confidence. They can also play their favorite sport that engages both their body and mind.

Improved BMI

One in three kids falls under the obesity classification. The reason is simple – eating more and moving less. Children who play outdoors are comparatively more energetic than kids who don’t and are at a lower risk of getting obese. They don’t sit in front of screens for hours. Instead, they play outside, burn calories and gain muscle.

A study suggests that preschoolers’ body mass index (BMI) is directly linked with the time they spend outdoors. Children who stayed outside longer had lower BMI than kids with limited outdoor exposure.

Improved Health

There are various health benefits to staying active. And outdoor games are the best way to keep kids active. Playing outdoors can help kids get adequate vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption in the human body. Other health benefits include increased immunity, better mood, lower risk of childhood obesity, and healthy heart function.

Increased Strength

Outdoor activities help develop a child’s strength and coordination. For example, biking engages all the muscles while paddling, sitting up, and applying brakes. Swinging is also an enjoyable activity and is usually an all-time favorite of children.

Social Benefits

Playing outdoors provides significant social benefits and opportunities to develop socially. Playing with friends outside facilitates the learning of important social skills such as empathy, friendship, selflessness, etc. Here are some notable benefits:

Better Communication Skills

Interacting with their peers and playing together allows kids to learn how to communicate their needs. Deciding what to play and how to play it gives rise to improved interpersonal skills and getting your message across. Kids also tend to get into conflicts; knowing how to resolve them and making their peers comfortable helps build strong communication skills.

Improved Relationships

Kids who regularly play together tend to develop empathy for one another. According to a study, these kids are more aware of the environment and feelings of others and are less likely to become bullies. They learn teamwork and the importance of sticking together by merely playing their games and, most importantly, developing precious bonds.


Engaging in outdoor activities introduces a child to new situations and allows them to explore and figure things out on their own. Such opportunities help develop a child’s confidence and encourage independence. They develop self-awareness and become more confident in their capabilities.

Being physically active is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. And it is essential for a child’s physical and mental growth. A parent should prioritize playtime along with academics because health is wealth!

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